Project 9: Planning

For this project we will be creating a professional website with multiple pages.  In the future I plan on being in the field of design so I decided to create my portfolio site in order to showcase my work.  This site will aid my future employers and clients to visualize my style.  I want the website to reflect my personality with the design and functionality.  There will be a simple organization of three sections with six pages; About Me, Work (Digital and Studio), and Contact Page.  I also want to incorporate a splash page with the three main headers.  To keep the site interesting I have come up with a theme that I call “Soup or Sara”; revolving around restaurant terminology.  The splash page will have three graphics; Soup which leads to the Work page, Sara which leads to the About Me page, and a Side Salad which leads to the Contact page.

Simply put the mission of this website is for me to get a job.  It needs to have all the best work as well as look clean and professional.  Clients need to get a feel of how I organize things.   The site itself is an online portfolio which is something any any graphic designer needs to get a project or job.  There are many goals for the site itself but the main goals are to; maintain a simple and clean design, be clear and easily navigated, and showcase my work in a professional manner.  The intended audience is any future employeer or client I may encounter in my future endeavors.  While I gain the most benefit from the site itself, employers also benefit in that they can easily see what I can do from any part of the world.  Having an online portfolio makes it easily accessible to anybody with an internet connection.

When someone looks at the site I want them to not only be impressed by the work itself but also by the layout/design.  I would like it to be extremely user friendly and clean.  The success of the site fully depends on whether it is successful in aiding me to get jobs or projects.  The site will never reach completion.  As I gain skills I will continually improve it and add more work as I create it.


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