Project 8: CSS Adv Page Design

In this project we enhanced our skills in terms of page design.  The two basic things we learned to use are; how to create a seamless header and navigation buttons.  These are two things that are very importnat in creating a professional and useable website.  Without the header function tops of pages may look incorrect or incomplete; and without the navigation buttons site functionality would be unclear to the viewer.  I had a couple issues when I first started using learning how to code the various new functions. When I was creating my header graphic I had some extra space that created extra spacing at the top of the page.  When I realized this I cropped the .png and the problem was resolved.  Another issue I encountered was I began getting overwhelmed with how much code there is now.  Taking things step by step  really helped alleviate my stress.  Overall I enjoyed working on this project and look forward to creating more websites in the future.



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