Project 2: Files & FTP

Essentially this project taught me how to create files and ensure proper file management.  Keeping files neat and organized is extremely important in web design because browsers read file paths to create web pages.  If any of the formatting different or wrong the page will not be displayed properly on the internet.

With this project we learned how to properly save files and upload them to a server so it can be displayed on the internet.  First, you save the html coding, which contains the basic formatting and content, to a folder.  If there are any images that need to be displayed the jpg files must be saved in the same folder.  Also, if there are any style sheets they must be saved as well to the same folder.  For these files to be displayed on the web you must upload them to a server.  There they can be showed through a url or a filepath.

Although I found this project to be a little overwhelming I thought the process of displaying webpages through files was really interesting.  Previously I didn’t know this was the process for websites.  The one problem I encountered often was that I mistyped certain parts of the files and they wouldn’t show correctly. Other than that I learned a lot about file management.



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