Project 1: Wordpress

This project really showed me how easy it is to create a blog using WordPress.  I had previously made an account in an effort to create my own blog but soon gave up because I thought I had to understand code.  In fact WordPress is user friendly and makes it easy to create posts and pages.  In the past I only had experience with simple blogging websites, more specifically Tumblr.  While Tumblr is easy to use, it is also quite simple and can not be easily editable.  On the other hand, with WordPress you are free to change almost any aspect of the page without coding.  It is the perfect platform for creating blogs without knowing much about coding.  Another advantage is there are built in tools that can track internet traffic as well as give feedback.

While I did enjoy using WordPress to create this online portfolio/blog I did find that it was hard to change some things.  For example there are so many different areas to edit I often became confused when trying to move one image or set of text somewhere else.  Even though some parts of the project proved to be challenging, for the most part I found using WordPress to be fairly easy.  I will definitely be using this site in the future for various blogging purposes.



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