Future Endevors

Web design is field that is going to be and is extremely important.  Many companies are using web sites to enhance their marketing strategies.  It is a easy way to reach massive amounts of users for a relatively low price.  Having the skills to be a web designer as well as a web coder will be put you as a designer ahead of any other competition.


Past Experience

Unfortunately, I do not have any previous experience with web design, but design has always been something that has caught my eye.  Even though, I lack web skills I do have experience with graphic design and art.  I would have to say my strongest skills are drawing and painting; I see this as more of a hobby rather than a future career.  I have worked a great deal with programs such Illustrator and InDesign to create vector graphics and layouts.

I hope with this class I will be able to utilize my design skills to create my own websites that will not only be eye catching but functional as well.

(Present)ing My Work

Hello and welcome to my online portfolio!  This will serve as a place where I will be showcasing all the projects I will be working on this semester in my Web Design class.  I do not have much experience with web, so bare with me while I attempt build my skills.

Throughout this semester I will be learning the basic skills of creating a fully functional website.  Wordpress is an amazing platform for those who do not have coding experience but would still like to publish a blog.  In the future I will be learning how to create web sites using HTML and CSS.